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It is indeed! Finally the weather has warmed enough so I can break it out again!
No Diesel today!
I must agree with ya there PJBUK, just checked MCU stuff. They have some great looking jeans.
Me either, 833Y is one of the best diesels I've bought in years. And I've worn the shit out of them, at least 1-2 times a week and they still fit like a glove.
Not worth $600 but then again I didn't pay that much. Maybe try paying in Euro through one of the European sites.
Cheers gents! I do try! ☺️
Like I said, it's fall-winter preview. So it won't be available until next season.
Anyone who's waiting for thavar 843S and tepphar 666T will have to wait a little longer as its fall/winter preview!
Haha! I'm not cool enough to be a hipster! 😎
There is but you'd have to have some serious luck to find any leathers there let alone one of the bikers.
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