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I find cultizm and zozo to be the most accurate. Zozo would want to get models that fit the sample size though.
I agree buddy. Send them back. It's a sucky situation after paying so much and waiting for them and now waiting for a refund. But I've seen jeans fit you way better than and to be honest, you're legs deserve better. Especially for the price.
Cheers dude, I grew it all by myself.
A bit self indulgent but I just love these jeans! Tube Tom Stonesy Black Nudie Jonis Pale Shade Denim Shirt Allsaints Axis Blazer Allsaints Snare Boots  
^^love it Jeanetic!
Had some good weather recently. Decided to break these out! Tepphar 820Q
My brand new Tube Tom Stonesy Black Ted Baker Coat
What cut are those MCUs? They look excellent.
I can't remember exactly, €150-200 I think. Rare to find them in such excellent condition for this price.
Fit great everywhere except the waist is about an inch too big. I put that down to the 10lbs I've lost since christmas. Marathon season is here again and I needed to get my fitness up to par again.
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