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Yeah and the thighs and knees were so tight and the waist and ass both stretched still. They looked ridiculous. I've bought them twice and sold them very shortly after buying them. Such a waist coz I've struggled to find a wash like them. Not a grey wash but a washed out black.
Then get the 31/32. These are a little more compact than some tepphar.
Waist and ass stretch terribly. Thighs, not so much.
833Y all the way man!!! My favourite diesels for a long long time.
So you take a 30L then???! 😎😜
They should do. They did last year have a -20-30% code but I think it was a little after Black Friday. But I'm in Europe so we could've been behind. I have my cyber Monday list compiled. Getting ready for the party season.
Well the hip/waist in tepphar is so different to thavar. Tepphar is higher rise and the is a more fitted waist. To me, tepphar are more true to size than thavar. I'm a 31 in Thavar, but a 32 in tepphar and pretty much every other jean brand I wear from topman to tepphar to nudie to Saint laurent. I tell ya what, while we're on the subject of diesels daft sizing, what is the story with the leg length!!!!??? I got a pair of L32 Thavar and when I measure it it measured 35.5"....
Definitely size down on 835L. They run quite big and there's a lot of give in the fabric. Here's a breakdown in the measurements of a pair of 32x32. Hopefully you can extrapolate for your size coz these run at least one size bigger and that's when they're brand new. Waist aligned: 17" Hips, taken just below the pockets: 19" Thigh, taken exactly 4" below the centre crotch seam: 10" Hem: 6.5" Inseam: 32" Front rise: 10.5" Back rise: 14"
Damn snappy dude!
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