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Tepphar 607Y. Nice wash but are they too long? I can't decide. I like a bit of stacking on my tepphars but is this too much?
Whoops. Got my leathers mixed up. It is the griffin.
I'd go with your regular size. I got mine on the allsaints store. When I bought my chrom they were €250. Total rip-off.
That's easy, snare all the way. Slimmer profile, better quality, sturdier, better sole and better fit. Although the chron-zip has a nice lug sole which is nice but with skinny jeans, the slimmer profile of the snare wins hands down. And they're cheaper.
With all this talk of leather bikers I dedided to break out my Kushiro with my new Stafford Knit and SLP jeans,
DBG Excess 84P Allsaints Orishi Shirt Diesel Peacoat Allsaints Snare Boots  
I think it looks cool on you man. It looks like a models photo.
Thanks levislad! I wear these selected round neck tees, there's a slight scoop to them so sit just nicely under the crono, could do with a long sleeve version though coz the open stitch on the jumper can be quite chilly if there's a breeze! http://m.asos.com/mt/www.asos.com/selected/selected-t-shirt-with-pocket-in-pima-cotton/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4015348&clr=Phantomdarkgrey&SearchQuery=Selected+Pima&un_jtt_v_frompage=0 They have them in a few colours. Pima cotton too...
Glorious, I love your style man. Where did you get those boots?
Got em on asos weenie.
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