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Cheers for the advice. Not my first Japanese denim but I'll be glad to add this to my collection.
Job done Royce! Gonna nab me a pair. I quite like that wash. And it looks awesome on you mate.
How's the fit on those type-253? Same as any other diesel cut?
Just spoke to him and he's having problems with deliveries from diesel. It's also the reason the main denim collection is delayed on the online store. He assured me that these issues will be resolved very soon and he'll complete the orders. He should've contacted you but he didn't my want to contact until he had a fix in place. Communication is not his strong suit.
We do for the most part but this isn't a perfect world unfortunately.
Oh man, I had to warn him to stop harassing leftvapor and he got so abusive. No doubt about it the guy is an ass. And a moron.
Nope still here running site admin.Dude, are you still trying to be a member here? How many times do I have to ban you until you get the message? Are you that desperate? It's kinda sad, I feel bad for you...
Allsaints only sells through their website. And that notify me feature is pretty crap. You're best to check the website regularly.
Why? Are you just waiting for someone to say they're fake?
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