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Possibly even slimmer than tepphar.
Some do. Check the product description on the wash you buy. Most sites will list the composition.
Thavar or shioner would be good. Safado also. They get looser in that order.
Cheers gents. Looking great as always glorious and Karacho. @karacho, I've been busy making babies. But I'm baaaaccckkkk!!'
I can proxy if ya like. During the sale of course. Not worth full price, the viscose makes it a complete pain in the arse to keep wrinkle free.
Gonna wait for giamatshop to get the 830Q in. Although I like both, I need new grey jeans to replace my 886B.
Another day, another jogg: Thavar-NE 825I Diesel S-Zuba Shirt Diesel Kunha Chukkas My summer staple, Allsaints Bloomsbury Jacket  
^^supee nice. Those 813Z are so under rated. They look great.
You're gonna love em DA.
The wash code is very important.
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