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Real nice fit on those McCoy! Are they like Thavar?
Ok. New policy! Ease up on the random insta-posts and please label or I will be merciless with the delete button!
Is it just me or are all these Instagram posts pointless without wash codes and shit??
Have my eye on a couple of more bits but they have been added to my watch list! Thanks levislad!
Indeed! Having said that, I'm starting to regret selling them and my 888P!
It's quite refreshing to see the feedback offered being taken in such a positive light. It can be difficult to convey tone and intent over typed words and as such comments can be construed as insulting. We all get along here for the most part and if and when I offer feedback it's always from a constructive point of view. I'm always aware that they are your legs and your style and how you choose to wear your jeans is your choice alone. Nice one levislad, showing us how it's...
Man, I'm gonna be honest here and say I don't think you're pulling them off. Too light a wash to be worn so tight. I know there's stretch in them sleenkers but your ass and balls looks squished as hell!
It wasn't directed at any one individual. It was directed at the group as a whole.
Look guys, this isn't the place to pitch your eBay listings. If you want to sell then post in the marketplace.
I think the chances of a blue eyecon being carried over to another season is pretty slim to be honest. All these websites/online stores have buyers who pick and choose what they want to/can sell to their customers and maybe sleenker 846K wasn't given much love.
New Posts  All Forums: