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My brand new Tube Tom Stonesy Black Ted Baker Coat
What cut are those MCUs? They look excellent.
I can't remember exactly, €150-200 I think. Rare to find them in such excellent condition for this price.
Fit great everywhere except the waist is about an inch too big. I put that down to the 10lbs I've lost since christmas. Marathon season is here again and I needed to get my fitness up to par again.
I had them years ago in viker and loved the wash. Grew out of vikers but not the wash. When an opportunity to snatch em up again (thanks DA!) I practically bit his arm off!
Thanaz 8SV Allsaints crew knit Allsaints Griffin Leather biker Chucks
It is 8QU, 820Q is more of a bleached grey. They look pure white. And besides, diesel doesn't recycle MII washes anymore.
Please stop bumping this thread. I don't think anyone knows what they are.
Cheers mate! It's allsaints black denim jacket, diesel tee, allsaints snare boots!
Nudie Tube Tom Blue Valentine
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