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Pair of Diesel Fashion Pants in Thavar cut Slim/Skinny Fit Slim fit with a skinny leg Light cotton twill denim in matte black overdye. 98% cotton 2% spandex Black Rivets Used but in excellent condition Item is 100% genuine and Authentic
Part of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection Slim carrot fit Slim fit with a tapered leg Washed indigo with dirt marks and streaks at the calves Burnished Copper Rivets Used but in excellent condition Item is 100% genuine and Authentic
Hey weenie, sorry I forgot to send you those measurements! The inseam is 85cm and the outseam from too to bottom is 107cm.
You don't have to link your card to paypal. You can organise to deposit money in your paypal account from your bank account. You can do this from any bank account regardless of it's country of origin. It does take a couple of days though. Much the same as any bank transfer.
Perfect fit zdenal.
There's some nice stuff alright. Will be fun playing size and fit roulette with these new "type" pants. I welcome the challenge.
Haha that's hilarious! I've done that once or twice. Regretted nothing. I do my best shopping while drunk.
Calder gets my vote. Simple, stylish.
Indeed! So nice not to have to break in a pair of allsaints boots! Did I leave you feedback by the way?
Both are stretchy summer jeans. I got my usual diesel size on both and they fit great but the thavar are a little long as they are fashion pants with no defined leg length. The 803H are great though, more an olive green than brown but some nice details. Gonna debut them at the arcade fire gig next week them again at the Kings of Leon the followong week. The ralstons remind me of grim Tim fit. I really like them and scotch and soda have some cracking washes.
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