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Tepphar 820Q
James from jpr clothing is selling them. They'll be brand new and 311 is a good price for a new pair. Having said that, contact him, tell him your a member here and he'll offer you a discount. You can contact him here. His handle is stylecentre
It depends. Yoox gets stuff all the time but it's usually a year after. So SS14 will prob arrive SS15 but that's not definite just a rough guide.
MC Hammer would LOVE these!
Have you tried giamatshop?
Well, levislad, if you don't mind me saying then thank you! Very nice compliment! I love these 604N, my favourite joggs. You should get a pair of joggs mate, I think you'll love em.
Karacho, showing us how it's done.
Lazy Day! Thavar-NE 604N Allsaints Shirt Chron-Zip  
I was thinking 801C
Diggin the shirt too Blake! Is it the S-Zuba?
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