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They never go on sale. They're always carry over items! Package arrived yesterday. Pics to follow!
Very nice DA, that jacket looks a lot nicer on you than it does on the stock photos.
That's a great fit fresh. Really like those.
Great purchases DA! What's the jeans? Fresh, how's the fit on those d01s?
It requires a bit of work. Me, Jen and the mods are still working through the specifics and we should be making an announcement soon. We're looking at a more condensed forum with no brand segregation. One of the things is that the what diesel are you wearing today thread is going to be changed to simply what are you wearing today thread. The existing what are you wearing today is very inactive and two threads for the same thing is pointless. A few more things too. We'll...
Gym. I have the same problem. It's not an area of focus for men's denim brand and as such tends to be neglected.
I'm with Jen, general fashion and discussion section. With one what are you wearing today thread, latest purchases, shoes/boots threads. And maybe one thread per season for all lookbooks or promo pics of all brands.
There was a guy here who tried that and found it really difficult and a lot of work. We have the infrastructure here, we just need to put it to better use.
I don't think we'll get rid of existing content. But try and change the structure of it all.
Well we're not gonna ban diesel or anything like that but I think separating brands seems a bit silly at this stage. General discussion on fashion would offer a broader range of opinions/ideas/inspiration/discussion etc.
New Posts  All Forums: