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Price drop.
I'll get some measurements later on and get back to you.
I have a tricky for sale in small, fits like a medium of you're interested?
Is it just me or does shirt look shit on the model and pretty darn cool on our friend kazushunn!? Anyway, £105 is steep for a tee so I'm gonna wait for the sales!
Been a while since you posted mate. Looking good as always. I'm also quite jealous of your DBG tee, it's pretty fucking cool.
This is starting to get really weird....
Great jeans and great fit Jeanetic!
Here I go again! Tube Tom Stonesy Black My new Allsaints Shibuya Border shirt River Island Chukkas RayBan Aviator   There's a damn mark on my camera lens and I can't feckin clean it!!
The bayham bomber is currently on sale and is as nice as the blenham(the original and best black leather bomber)
Great jeans and I love that look!
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