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Please only bump your listings once a month.
@gloriouscafe, thumbs up on the SLP!!
To me, now this is just my opinion, I think there is too many statement pieces in the outfit. Cropped trousers, statement shoes, bright print t-shirt and the hat, very nice but try them on their own. Just wear one of these things at a time and keep everything else simple. For example, the narrots, some trainers, plain tee and done.
Keeping it simple myself today. Thavar 830H Allsaints Figure Tee Chucks
I think that each one of those pieces by themselves are great! But all together in the one outfit seems a little too much for me. Too many "looks" going on. Keep it simple is what I think but that's just my personal taste. If YOU like it them go forth and rock whatever look you want. Coz everyone of the items fit you really well, the way they're supposed to fit.
It's fine it's just this thread has so many pictures over so few pages it's taking ages to load. You can post as many pics as you like on the WDAYWT thread.
How long have you been waiting pryv? I'm also waiting. Sent mail on Friday.
Ya know, you should really post these in what diesel are you wearing today thread. It's what it's for.
Personally, I think they look too baggy on you. If that's your personal style then cool but I really think you could easily fit into slimmer cuts as you seem to have a slim physique.
Plenty of people still wear bootcuts. Department stores always carry a few washes and by all accounts they sell well. Some people either can't or won't wear anything else. It's all a matter of taste I suppose. A couple of friends of mine who play rugby or football can really rock the bootcuts. They don't look great on me though.
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