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I've done a full review here with details and better pics. http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/201484/tepphar-835l-and-thavar-ne-830q-fit-pics-and-review
Yup. Pics don't do it justice though. Class wash.
Nice buy! And happy birthday mate. Hope you have a good one!
No fading, no distressing. Just black raw jeans. Love these, so versatile and a cracking fit. That leather is a old one but a good one. I wear it so much and it's aged so well. The colour is actually very dark brown and it's gotten darker as I've oiled it since I bought it. A process if recommend to any leather owner.
The sale is usually around christmas. Somehow, I don't think it'll sell out at that price. And if it does, I won't lose much sleep. It's nice but not €345 nice.
Diesel Jogg Jeans Size 32 Model: Krooley-NE Wash: 0603M Condition: Used, but like new     Shipping: €10 worldwide
Grim Tim Black Ring Allsaints Archive Leather
Waiting for the sales. The price is fucking ridiculous.
Tepphar 835L (for some reason, pics just don't do these justice and they've really grown on me. I actually really look forward to wearing them!) Allsaints Tonic Tee Allsaints Battle Blazer Diesel Chron on
Price drop!
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