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Awh yeah! That's how it's done DA! How are the 887K?
What's the name of that coat gpoop?
I was waiting for someone to do this. Cheers DC.
Oh buddy that is slick!
Nah, it's what I imagine tight long John will look like on me.
Pulled the trigger on a pair of pipe led. Just to see what they're like. Also got a pair of tight long johns for the craic! May well be an excercise in hilarity! But they did bump me up to free delivery. I'm expecting this
I know it's a touch early but has anyone come across pipe led yet? It's seems to be between thin finn and tube Tom. Maybe a tape ted without that awful low yoke.
Very nice DA!
You added a link to the website so it's technically spam. What did you expect from a little known brand. And ease up on the sass, zdenal works hard to keep this forum to a certain standard.
You two don't get on and that's fine. But keep it civil. He's not deleting or modifying your posts. Like I said, I would know if he did. It's easy to check.
New Posts  All Forums: