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I wear 31x32 in thavar/shioner. 32x32 in thanaz and tepphar. But I did get 32x32 in the 801A. I know this probably confuses you more but I seem to be similar shape, I'm 6'1" and 176lbs but I have very skinny legs.
Totally different fit to shioner. Get the 33x32. They'd be like thanaz in the thigh and tighter in the calf area. It's a carrot fit.
Tepphar is slimmer than thavar. Especially in the calves and the 820Q run a little tight. A 32 wouldn't look right.
Very nice Wutzwagg!
Buddy, no offence was taken! Quite funny actually! It's gonna happen eventually. Old age will catch up with me and I'll get the dreaded "middle-age spread!"
Iakop 815G maybe?
Ahmmm, I haven't gained any weight! I'm fitter than I've ever been. Ran two marathons this summer. I've put on some muscle but all my clothes still fit.
Managed to score a pair of thanaz 8SV, had these in viker a few years ago and loved the wash. Now I have em in thanaz and I'm so delighted. Thanks DA, you're a legend!
Grim Tim Wornin Pepper
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