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Hey gents. havent posted in ages. Was busy havin a baby. We had a baby girl on Paddys day and with me being Irish makes me pretty darn patriotic! Anyway, Tepphar 820Q
Currency correction. Payable in euros, not pounds sterling.
Price drop!!
As part of marketplace rules you must provide actual pics of the item you're selling to be a valid listing. Thank you for your cooperation Team Denimblog
Thavar 8880M. Bleached blue with distressing. Just the job. I have one for sale in 32x32 going cheap if you're interested.
Nope. 8AT never abrasions.
They're actually Dior jakes like zdenal said. But if you want something similar and a little cheaper they look a lot like shioner 805A or nudie grim Tim Wornin Pepper. But they'll not be as nice as the jake.
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