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I would say stick with the XS. I've tried on quite a few of the bikers before I settled in the griffin and they all fit pretty much the same. Some were thicker leather, more rigid, etc but all in all pretty similar in terms of fit.
Cool as always aahz. 😎
What would you like to see them do? They're never gonna be the type of manufacturer that wants to make jeans for the office, that you can wear with a button down. They have a section of plain jeans but the campaign stuff is always gonna be out there and always has been. You're not a fan of rips and distressing so maybe diesel isn't for you?
Well then you won't like buster. It has a similar leg opening to thavar. Try tepphar or even sleenker. And > = greater than.
Krooley>darron>>>>>>>>>>>>>buster. Buster is a slim taper. Not as slim as tepphar but around the safado/thavar mark.
Both those websites are horribly inaccurate in their photos. Asos always overexpose and USC underexpose. The true wash is somewhere in the middle.
I have just received 833Y from giamatshop today. This wash is great. Matte black with grey undertones. Colour is a bit like 824E without the details. Denim is stretch, as with most tepphars, but the denim weave is tight and has a compact feel. Went with my normal size and fits right. Will post pics at the weekend when I get a chance.
Now that is cool...
Is that an origin of symmetry mural in your room?? Cool.
I agree with jyri, 809V was truly awful. And the fit was horrendous. Shame really, the wash was pretty good. Had potential but just never measured up.
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