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Prob just a typo. Happens a lot more than you'd think. To me, it looks above board.
It's legit buddy. Older model but tags and labels match garment from that time. It's pretty nice jacket, I'm a little jealous for who got it!
Read my post. I don't like to repeat myself.
It doesn't work like that. Every brand will bring materials, designs and specifications for every item they ask the manufacturer to produce. Every brand will have a certain standard. Not all items are created equal nor are they manufactured equally. If anything, your statement says less about diesel and the prices they charge as it does about the other brands you mentioned. We can only judge every item on their individual merits. Chron has a poorer quality in my experience...
Yup, back marathon training since October! Thanks mate! Swervin, they're not chrons, they're Allsaints pin boots. I wouldn't buy chrons at all, the quality is just awful! Although, my suede Chron-Zips are holding up pretty well but the lug sole and thicker suede offers better structure than other chrons I've tried. Allsaints boots are waaaayyy better though.
Here's a quick snap of the blk dnm I got at Xmas. Fucking love em. Ignore the black dot on my jumper. My camera lens is scratched.
Total keeper. How's the fit?
I love this DA, lovely clean look.
My few bits from that past few weeks From left: the kooples, Zara, Allsaints dwight and Herschel(from the bay) and 2 selected. Allsaints mamaris cigs, neuw denim black rope, 2x nudie(dry dark and dry cold black), frame l'homme and Blk dnm 5's Allsaints Kotova Peacoat. Love this, lovely wool, deep indigo colour and a warm shearling collar. And a steal on eBay. Now to make a new list!
There'll be no difference visually. Just a more streamlined structure.
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