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sure its not the 806p ?
Thanks guys, look very good
  Waoh Ramirez love those outfit ;) very nice   It is Thavar 888p ?
Hi, just bought this denim for my little brother. I wanted to make him a gift and he didn't wear this jeans... (He wore it 2 days, so the jeans is in perfect condition)    It is an W 28 L 32 !! MII Wash, perfect for summer !!!!    I've paid for it 120€.. so make an offer..   I make this annoucement on Ebay this afternoon, so lets goo :) 
  Denim are beautiful !!! I Perfect summer wash !!   But not my size lOl I bought it for my little brother but he said to me : I dislike the jeans..... WTF lOl Now I have to sell this one.....   I try to find it in W36 but impossible......
I bought one Krooley 8I2 in 28/32 new, unworn for my brother. I wanted to make him a gift. And I saw him pics on internet, He said me that he disliked this wash lOl I was disappointed x)   So I will sell this jeans when it will arrive by post. If anybody is interested, let me know
Hey guys, how much can I sold one Krooley 8i2 28/32 new ? I think it is very rare..
Yes, thank you Denim Collector :)
only USA, can you link me to USA Diesel ? please ;)
They already have 30% discount on internet ?
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