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Hey guys, how much can I sold one Krooley 8i2 28/32 new ? I think it is very rare..
Yes, thank you Denim Collector :)
only USA, can you link me to USA Diesel ? please ;)
They already have 30% discount on internet ?
Thanks men ;) It's the outlet store in metzingen (Germany)
When you call, they tell you the wash and the price ?
Wooo ;) Very nice =D I'm jealous !!!
Did you ever call some Diesel Outlet before to go to check if they have particular washes ? I saw many outlet store in Germany and in Belgium but I have to drive 300km. If I can call the Store to ask what jeans they have
I go always to zweibrucken Outlet in Germany, the have many good pair but way to expensive !!!!    Thanaz 8880L for 160€ Shioner 74y for 165€.... 
Hi everybody !!!   Most of my Diesel collection come from Outlet Store !!   I wanted in this thread to list good Outlet Store. If anybody know good bargain, good place to buy Diesel jeans cheaper =D
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