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try to run fast with your tepphar ;) impossible !!!
and it say "it will stretch"  lOl
I dislike Diesel more, every season. Good Washes, but always slim fit... For people that run W27,28,29,30 is Diesel wunderful. Tepphar, thanaz, thavar = unconfortable fit. people bought jeans that are too tight, its a joke.
Nobody, wow..
Bought Braddom 887D on yoox for 120€   I had to take an W38 ^^ I think I'm the only here that need an W38 lOl and W40 on Thanaz, Thavar lOl   Because Football make big legs.. :)
I made it on all my jeans !!! The tailor did it well, I paid 25€
Ok thx
but i hope it will not change if it rain ... =[ what do you think ?
Before . 8nj After stacking
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