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If someone search an thavar 75g france
Hey Zodiac go to gym ;)
really nice I'm sure
I ordered Krooley 811P on Ebay and I found two kind of wash on Google : One wash much lighter on the legs. This one : more dirty     And one more subtle :     It looks like two different wash .. So confused!!   So I hope my pair looks like dirty !! For people who bought krooley 811P, What kind of wash have you got ?
Waist look ok, I love your belt. Nice fit on thavar. Why everybody always say to size down..
When you r bulking, slim fit is unconfortable because your legs are bigger than your waist. You have to wear straight. IMO
Men I took 25kg in 3years with gym. Lol I had 32waist in diesel , now i wear W38 in straight fit and W40 in thanaz tepphar thavar. And tepphar is fir me the unconfortable fit.
Price droped !!!
Maybe for move correctly with an slim jeans
Wunderful Diesel Jeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Need this !! My next Diesel jeans lOl Have to earn moneyyy !!!! Difficult when we are student lOl 290€...... :( xD   Baltimore you'r a boss ;)
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