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Maybe for move correctly with an slim jeans
Wunderful Diesel Jeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Need this !! My next Diesel jeans lOl Have to earn moneyyy !!!! Difficult when we are student lOl 290€...... :( xD   Baltimore you'r a boss ;)
try to run fast with your tepphar ;) impossible !!!
and it say "it will stretch"  lOl
I dislike Diesel more, every season. Good Washes, but always slim fit... For people that run W27,28,29,30 is Diesel wunderful. Tepphar, thanaz, thavar = unconfortable fit. people bought jeans that are too tight, its a joke.
Nobody, wow..
Bought Braddom 887D on yoox for 120€   I had to take an W38 ^^ I think I'm the only here that need an W38 lOl and W40 on Thanaz, Thavar lOl   Because Football make big legs.. :)
I made it on all my jeans !!! The tailor did it well, I paid 25€
Ok thx
but i hope it will not change if it rain ... =[ what do you think ?
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