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Your krooley joggjeans will stretch a lot, don't cut it You will really love it in 2weeks after wearing!! For sure !!
Your Belther look awesome DC I hope I will love my Krooley 811P
If someone search an thavar 75g france
Hey Zodiac go to gym ;)
really nice I'm sure
I ordered Krooley 811P on Ebay and I found two kind of wash on Google : One wash much lighter on the legs. This one : more dirty     And one more subtle :     It looks like two different wash .. So confused!!   So I hope my pair looks like dirty !! For people who bought krooley 811P, What kind of wash have you got ?
Waist look ok, I love your belt. Nice fit on thavar. Why everybody always say to size down..
When you r bulking, slim fit is unconfortable because your legs are bigger than your waist. You have to wear straight. IMO
Men I took 25kg in 3years with gym. Lol I had 32waist in diesel , now i wear W38 in straight fit and W40 in thanaz tepphar thavar. And tepphar is fir me the unconfortable fit.
Price droped !!!
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