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Does anyone know if the new collection is available in diesel store France ?
Saw on japanese online store ! Thavar 0801D
Hi,   I'm selling my Iakop 881z W33 L34. It is too much tight for me. I can't wear it. The jeans sleeps in my wardrobe too much time...   It is new unwashed and flawless.   Waist : 45,5 cm Width : 29 Length : 110 cm Leg opening : 20 cm   Just PM me if you want more information ; ) You can find this announcement on ebay ! " m3linj "   Thanks !
Hello,   I'm selling my Krooley 880W w32 L34, I wore it few time but it is to tight for me now... ; ( Excuse my bad english, I'm french !   You will find this announcement on ebay, " m3linj" measurment too.   Thanks
I can't size down my legs are too big ^^
Wearing Shioner 880w !! Find it perfect !! But i had to size up a lot !!  
I will try that thanks ; )   but I hope that the hole will not grow ..
Hello,   I bought a shioner 880w new in Diesel outlet store with a small hole ( I paid it 97 €, and i think the wash is perfect =) ) I think i can repair this hole but i need advice to do it well !! What do you think ?   If someone know how i can repair it, just write on this topic ; )     The hole isn't on the seams and i probably have a chance to repair it !!
waist : 44cm tight : 27 cm lenght : 112 cm bottom width : 21 cm   You will find this announcement on ebay ; )
Hi, I'm selling my pair of Safado 8y3 W33 L34.   Jeans was never been worn and is new with tag DNA. I bought it 170 € 2 years ago   Send me your email if you need more pictures.   Price is before shipping, let me know where i have to send it.   PM me if you are interested or write me an email on this address : jordan.mehlinger@gmail.com   Sorry for my bad english, I'm French ; )
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