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Mens model on Diesel web site wear often women jeans like fayza..
Thanks guys
Thank you very much men ;)
Hi guys, do yoy know if this website are true ? Thanks you ! I find so cool stuff   http://www.footasylum.com/sale-department/   I just want to change a bit buying Diesel.. x)
omg people are so small x)
95cm total lenght
why always thavar x) krooley 8nj braddom 887d larkee-T 68z
814m for sure
I did it on my Krooley 8nj that I had in 36 and I tryed to sell. But I'm happier now. first I bought one other 8nj to have the material to enlarge. second I know a very good tailor that made it for 80$. I have pics for people interrested.
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