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814m for sure
I did it on my Krooley 8nj that I had in 36 and I tryed to sell. But I'm happier now. first I bought one other 8nj to have the material to enlarge. second I know a very good tailor that made it for 80$. I have pics for people interrested.
I did it size 36 to 38 !
  Hey guys, does exist this wash in other cut than thavar ?  Thank you ;) It is an really interresting wash
if thavar fit well in 28, than go to 28 in shioner. don't listen people who always said "size dooooooooown" without read your message. your jeans have to be confortable, you don't buy an 150€ jeans to be not confortable...
[IMG] Krooley 8nj and Larkee-T 68z -> Best ever zara T and Diesel Thor shoes !!!!
Real !! larkee 882d
Just bought Krooley 811P just amazing.. best wash ever !!
He has got many fake..
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