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Bonsoir, desole jai vendu le jeans :(
Can anyone tell me if this "Viker" Original is ?
I'm 198cm and L32 fit good but L34 is a way better ;) it depends on the cut and the size, I wear my jeans quite short-waist. Waouuh sorry for my bad english lOl
Hi, I'm french and I'm selling this jeans.   It is an original Shioner 880W in a perfect condition. I fixed the price at 109 € and it is possible to send it  anywhere.   Pm me if you'r interested. : ) 
Hi, selling my Krooley 8nj.. I bought this jeans and it is too big for me...   PM me if you are interrested   I can send this jeans in the all world!   Sorry for my bad english I'm French 
Here I found the Braddom 885R  
I'm looking for the Braddom 887D in W34 or W36 (L32 or L34)   Please let me know... =D
Sorry men, I sold this jeans on ebay :(
Here you can buy a Krooley-A 34 but darker.    http://store.diesel.com/fr/carrot_cod42255750xq.html
Hello I'm selling my jeans 8x9. This jeans is to small for me, I washed it one time. You can find this annoucement on ebay. my nickname is " m3linj " ; )
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