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Tu habites ou en France Locky ?
J'suis un lorrain ;) 
I look on mappy i had 600km to drive x)
  Do you know where I can buy this awesome wash ? Same as the thanaz but in Krooley.. 
But need it in 36......
Waaaaaah serious ? how much ?
Try to get a Krooley 660Q in 36 .... So rare ...
Hi everybody :) I bought a old pair of Shioner 8x6 on ebay (found in love in this f.....g wash x) $45 with a hole between the legs and it lost the wax traitment in washing.... so bad to wash this nice wash... But grand ma repear it good =D    When I wear it we don't see the hole :            So, my question, I had the idea to re-wax the jeans but I don't know.   Should I wax it or let it so ?       It reminds me the thavar 809N so I...
Only find a viker...
I saw that a lot of people search an Thavar 8x2 For people to look for it !! I find several size close to my city !!!
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