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Source : Diesel worker themselves. 
Hello everybody, sorry to tell you that.. I'm a big Diesel fan. But never buy again an Diesel jeans on internet or in outlet Store like this fucking fake website http://www.showroomprive.com/ficheProduit.aspx?produit=976135 or http://fr.bazarchic.com/   Diesel sell many pair of jeans in outlet store. And they build three quality of jeans.   The first quality, the best on Diesel Store (250€ the pair..) The second, on outlet Store (Often 30% discount) The third...
Hey, The jeans is still available ;). I've got it in W36 and fit the same, just on the waist size that it fit wider. But you can curtail it. I searched this wash in W36 more than one year, hard too find....
Finaly bought a pair of braddom 660r. I didnt find a lot of fit pics on denimblog. Does anybody realy love this denim ? I think it is beautiful class wash
I recently bought a pair of braddom 887D in W36, do you know if braddom 888p fit like my 887D ?
Yeah it were cool to see all the link Diesel but in every country
Have to find it minimum in L32 ... : (
Yeah US have them but only L30 I think ... 
Guys, any information of the Krooley 810V ? I'm planing to buy them in W36 (L34 or L32) But I don't find my size... Only w34 on Diesel web site..   Do you know if I can call some Diesel Store and ask ?
Fucking good fake jeans on ebay  lOl   http://cgi.ebay.fr/DIESEL-Jeans-Braddom-/281059338707?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item41707129d3#ht_1475wt_1157
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