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Have to find it minimum in L32 ... : (
Yeah US have them but only L30 I think ... 
Guys, any information of the Krooley 810V ? I'm planing to buy them in W36 (L34 or L32) But I don't find my size... Only w34 on Diesel web site..   Do you know if I can call some Diesel Store and ask ?
Fucking good fake jeans on ebay  lOl   http://cgi.ebay.fr/DIESEL-Jeans-Braddom-/281059338707?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item41707129d3#ht_1475wt_1157
Hi, I'm selling my new jeans Iakop "BLUE ICON" 881Z W36 L34.   Very confortable jeans, you can match it with every clothes, I'm selling it because I prefer Krooley and Braddom..    Little to slim for me.. So PM me if you are interrested ; ) 
Wow !! Whats this ? Shioner 8y3 ?? I never saw that..
No it doesnt smell i use paint that its writen clothes too. For the moment i didnt sweat in the jeans feel me well in and im surprised its not so stiff
me too ... ^^ so sad ^^
Before I repaired the hole !!! than I bought acrylic brillant paint (permanent same paint that you can use of steel or wood) and I paint an thin coat of paint !!! Let dry half day : can check this video on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-LdGmGOs8Y   And the result is amazing for $50 !!!
Ah les gars, la même pour moi !!! 1m98 pour 88kg... Y'a enc des progrès à faire !!!
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