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For Stupid leaving Yeaah
And you first to buy jeans more than $300
and we continue to buy .....
RALPH LAUREN does the same like PIERRE CARDIN and CALVIN KLEIN ...And it's all legit ...... Because Brands are free to choose their strategy...
Source : Diesel worker themselves. 
Hello everybody, sorry to tell you that.. I'm a big Diesel fan. But never buy again an Diesel jeans on internet or in outlet Store like this fucking fake website http://www.showroomprive.com/ficheProduit.aspx?produit=976135 or http://fr.bazarchic.com/   Diesel sell many pair of jeans in outlet store. And they build three quality of jeans.   The first quality, the best on Diesel Store (250€ the pair..) The second, on outlet Store (Often 30% discount) The third...
Hey, The jeans is still available ;). I've got it in W36 and fit the same, just on the waist size that it fit wider. But you can curtail it. I searched this wash in W36 more than one year, hard too find....
Finaly bought a pair of braddom 660r. I didnt find a lot of fit pics on denimblog. Does anybody realy love this denim ? I think it is beautiful class wash
I recently bought a pair of braddom 887D in W36, do you know if braddom 888p fit like my 887D ?
Yeah it were cool to see all the link Diesel but in every country
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