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J'avoue que le narrot en denim est bizarre..   Le narrot joggjeans est énorme !! Its the best Joggjeans cut !!    So Thats my Narrot in 34                        
Yeah Narrot-NE doesn't fit like normal Narrot. First it's not an 3/4 jeans. You can wear it all the time, in winter too x) and it is an little bit slimmer like narrot.   Narrot-NE => best fit ever ; )
I think I'm gonna buy the 600s
I've got Narrot-ne 884w !! my krooley-ne fit slimmer !! Narrot is straight and really cool !!!! more confortable than krooley
sur unclejeans.com il reste un 30 et le 34 que j'ai renvoyé aujourd'hui..
J'ai finalement retourné le jogg jeans... :( J'étais trop à l'étroit.. Le delavage est un 802q ( le même que 74y en shioner et larkee)
On quickmoda.com italian website. but only w30 left i think
waooh karacho I love your shoes! fit perfect with 8nj. you'v got always the diesel jeans must have : ) I'm ready for summer with my faboulus diesel T and jogg but don't have shoes to match with my 802q for summer.. any idea ? perhaps black diesel chrom
Hi everybody got my krooley-NE! what do you think ? it is too slim for me ? its the first wear so it will stretch I think, I hope this is my most skinny jeans that I have ^^
now only $85 = 65 €. last price
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