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waoh don't remember. A friend of mine bought it, I can ask him if you really want
I see some joggjeans in my outlet Diesel store in zweibrucken!! Narrot-NE 884w and one Krooley-NE  
Oh My God .....The FW13 look incredible................. : )))))))))))))))))))))))))
good pics Narrot-NE 884w. soo softyy !!!!
Yeah perhaps safado in olive too
Exist on Braddom too
http://www.zalando.fr/diesel-new-fanker-jean-bootcut-bleu-di122a06u-952.html   Here you go ; )
They make 34 lenght on this model ..
Hi guys !!! Need your help ; )   I always wear straight normal jean like Braddom, Krooley, Poiak, Rombee.. All in W36 !! They fit well !!!   Can I wear Thanaz, Thavar in W38 ? What do you think ?   I think on the legs it will be ok, but I have to shorten the waist.. It is possible I hope.... I found so crazy washes in Thanaz...... X )
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