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I need help, i am trying to find a pair of SFAM or any designer denim for my boyfriend, he looked at the sfam jeans online at Revolve.com, he believes he likes the relaxed dark wash/nyd fit, but do all relaxed fit come in Button Fly? Because my BF doesn't like the button fly part, more preferably zipper fly. I am looking into getting a pair of Men Avalon Flynt for my BF, he is normally a size 36 in most jeans, and I measured his favorite pair of jeans, and it came to...
im not sure why, but she posted the last picture in there, does the first 2 pictures look real?
thanks =)
they are real, the fake cut numbers doesn't mean it is fake, because fake numbers have to come from somewhere, and the tag, and everything looks good and real. Good deal you got too =D I hope this helps
what is CO if it isn't codeine? i'm not sure how codeine wash normally looks like.. this is what the tag says, are these even authentic?
anyone else? =D
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty_paws The crowns or the very last pair (sorry I'm not great with R&R styles/names ) oh dont feel bad, i dont know r&r names either, thats why i took pics and ask =), but yes i am going to go back and see what i can find Betty
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty_paws How much are they running for? I'd love a pair of 29's.. 29's in which pair?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kawaiizoe Yeah, check the mall for going prices. But yeah, if you can find them especially Crowns you should buy em especially at those prices at Marshalls. I guess you went to a Sacramento Marshalls for these eh? yep, i went to 5, actually 4 was open, one was closed with space for lease, what a waste of gas and driving time of 30 minutes, and i did score a pair of uggs at one of the marshalls, and only found one store...
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