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The Diesel Online store has had a 30% discount on select denim styles for a couple of weeks now. I was wondering if these jeans ever make it down to 50% off, or if they pretty much only mark them down to 30%?   Also, if they do go down to 50% off, is it because they only have large sizes available....i.e. when all the 29s, 30s, 32s, etc have sold out...?   Thanks guys  
I'll be in San Francisco this upcoming week and plan on stopping by the Diesel Store in San Francisco.   Just wondering if any of you guys have shopped there, and if so, how's the selection? Also, are the prices at the store  the same as the prices as the ones on the Diesel website?   Thanks in advance.
This is my first thread on this forum as I am a new member.   I'm new to the whole world of premium denim jeans, just bought a pair of Joe's Jeans and now I'm becoming hooked on acquiring other brands.   I've noticed Double RL Jeans in various magazines I receive (GQ, Esquire, etc.), but do not know where you can actually purchase them....can anyone recommend a good place to buy a pair of Mens Double RL Jeans?   Also, how do Double RL Jeans compare to other...
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