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Can someone please tell me what wash is this TR jeans?   Brand: True Religion Cut: Geno Super T   Btw, is this cut and wash popular/rare? I rarely find any Geno on ebay.   Thank you for the help.              
Wanted: Brand: Rock & Republic Style: Floyd Wash: Oxycotin / Oxycontin Size: 31/32 Inseam: 30+   Please leave me a PM.   Thanks.
I had the same problem with you before, I asked for an opinion from my tailor and he suggested me to either use a belt or buy a new one.   The problem with altering the waist in my case was the cost, it would have cost me around 60 to 70 bucks just for the alteration of the waist.   It just was not worth it.   But you should ask your tailor about it and see what he suggests.
Hi,   I have been looking for R&R Henlee Vicious Cycle size 31 inseam 30+ for a while to no avail.   I was wondering if anyone has one for sale?   If you do, please send me a PM.   Thanks.     -hansley
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