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Thanks my brother. That's what I thought too, I know it will strecth but don't know how much. I'd hate end up with a too baggy jeans if I size up.
  Thanks in advance. I really want the 8X2 but I don''t know which size to get. I wear 33/32 in Thavar which is just perfect fit, should I get the same size or should I size up to 34.? Will the 33 stretch to a more comfortable fit when broken in.?
Wow! Why cant we get reviews like this often ? I also got this from Ssense and I am still waiting for mine to arrive. We need reviews exactly like this one especially on 8X2 and 888P.
Hey, Do you still have the 74K in 34/32 ??? I am interested.
Hey! Can you get me this jeans in 33 X 32 or know where I can get it online, on sale of course?
Well, this is why I said "confusing" and more so with Jakes. How do you know which is which especially if you are buying online.? The one on Luisviaroma, which year is it, anybody?
Ok guys, please tell me more. I am really sold on the Jakes and Clawmarks but to be honest still confused by the sizes. I wear a size 33 in Thanaz and 32 in stretchy ones. So does it mean a size 34 in Jake 17.5cm will be spot on for me.? I have big thighs.
  Lol! OK, I admit I've seen this thread before but was only looking for pics. Well, let me read then.
Thanks Jeanetic for the reply. I wish to try the Dior Jeans at least to see what the hype is all about. But their sizing is so confusing its defficult to buy online. With Diesel, once you know your size you know what you're getting, you just need to chose your wash but with Dior..... some washes come in 17.5 cm, some 18.5 while some are 19. There is Made in Japan and some Made in Italy, so confusing. Please tell me the difference.
I am a Diesel Thanaz and Thavar guy. Both are slim jeans and fit me well. So tell me, why should I try Dior Jeans ???
New Posts  All Forums: