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Hi!   I got my naked and famous slim guys today. they are in the natural indigo revival wash. I bought them in a 29. I'm a 30-31 in sevens and diesels (31 viker is loose/comfortable, 31 zatiny 88z is tight).   I can't even button up these Slim Guys!!! I can button the first second and last button (very top button), but i can't button the third button at all. Putting on the pants is a chore...i look like a girl, jumping up and down into a pair of jeans.   I...
these look great. i can barely fit into a 31x30 zatiny 88z. will i be able to fit into any of these 31x30 thanaz (my thighs are huge).
I just bought a pair of diesels - zatiny 88z. it is "one wash". i have always liked the dark indigo look, but would like to try on a pair of dry denim jeans.   Can anybody recommend me a pair of dry denin jeans that are slimt fit boot cut that won't be TOO expensive and will be fairly easy to distress? Thanks!
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