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What's the model in nudie fits like Diesel safado? And what size should I chose in this Nudie Model if I wear w29 in Diesel Safado. Thanks.
I don't like 887d cause of the stripes. IMHO
Started  wearing Diesel this year and my little collection now:   Krooley 8XZ Krooley 8N1 Krooley 8ZW   Safado 8E7   Poiak 882b   Larkshort 8PB
As I can see iakop is like poiak but its pockets are without zipper. Am I right?
Phukette! Awesome as usual:) 880w safado is in my wishlist if I pick up it on sale at least 30%:)
Relentless, have you tried shioner 74y? Does it fit you? I guess I have almost the same shape of legs like you have.  What size have you bought in braddom? Waiting for braddom pics:)))
Dude, thank you for the answer. Do you think to size  up one size is enough to get rid of legging? I'm thinking over buying shioner 74y in the nearest feature. I have Safado 8e7 in w29, it's exactly my size. I also have w29 poiak 882b, you saw it's tight now, but after wearing two days at home it stretched a little. So what size do you advice me in shioner 74y?   Thank you!  
I wanna buy shioner too. Never tried it. My local store doesn't have it in stock. Please anybody tell us how shioner is in comparison to safado or poiak?  
Thanks all for replies!:)    I had very bad expirience with krooley 8xz and 8n1. I bougth them, they were just my size, but after time stretched sooo much that i stoped wearing them. Sometimes it's a very difficult question what size to select.   Time will show how much my poiak 882b stretches. Anyway I think if I sized up I wouldn't like how my ass looks in poiak. Guess it would be baggy cause of the back pockets.
Hey, guys!:) Thank you for your replies. My pics don't  reflect all details of this wash, in real life it looks much better. It's  tight in the waist:) Hope it will stretch and I feel more comfortable. Anyway it's better than baggy. This pair I purchased on Ebay,  it was a private auction.  
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