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Even couldn't think they cost so little))
Ming, GREAT FIT!!! Very rich wash of the jeans, nice boots. By the way what is the brand og the boots??
Peuterey Milan BTK Krooley 880W TH boots
Aahz, the first outfit is really super cooool!!! 
Ming, mate, you really need to get some weight. Like the wash 801C.   Leftvapor, 888r is great on you! I like how Krooley sits on you. As for stacking JasonLoveZhatan told us about year ago how to restore stacking. If I don't mistake with the nick.   qtj0ker1980,  super wash, super fit!!!!!! I still love mine 880w, this is my favourite Diesel's wash I've ever seen.
Alexhr, fantastic DBG 8ML!!!!!!!!!!!! Really like fit and wash.
Perfect Krooley! Perfect wash.
I saw some cool washes on persons in real life. they were cool.  I also think Diesel is overpriced now. Remember times Diesel was not more than 220 Euro(Blue eyecons), but now 260-300 is normal. Everything is overpriced. Something more, something less... Anyway D2 is considered to be Luxury brand, people buy them. And as I can see Diesel is rising prices every year, may be they are going to become Luxury too. Anywaythese prices work good for D2 brothers, it's just...
Diesel makes me say "Bye" to their jeans.
@Leftvapor Wow, fantastic pair! Fits you very very good. So, perfect fit, perfect colour, perfect amount of bleaches! Mine Krooley 880w are one of the favorite pairs of jeans I've ever had.
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