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Quote: Originally Posted by gpb118 nice...WAY too light for black shoes. Agreed The stark contrasts between the bright green shirt, very light jeans and then dark shoes make it even more noticeable The fit seems good though
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi ok, anyway CP I was watching are gone Revolves sales? I grabbed some as well... Personally I find CPs fit slightly bigger then most, not a full size. And I really feel that its only in the toecap, as the sides are still pretty much standard The only ones I have found that fit noticibly bigger are the training boots. I need a 42 in CP's, and the training boots I own fit very well in a 41
Quote: Originally Posted by micketh thanks. I just bought a pair... hehe What wash did you score man?
Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben Mad love for the grensons. I second that, nice shoes And happy birthday by the way
It depends completely on what brand you where wearing before What is the waist measurement of the 30 by 30s you wear? Diesel sits low on the hips, so a 30 waist for example would be more like a 32 when measured. Likewise the 30 listed inseam will probably be more like a 31, Diesels tend to run long Chances are if the denim you are currently wearing isnt designer, a 30 waist will probably actually meaure out to 30 inches, which woudl mean you would need a 28 in Diesel (...
Quote: Originally Posted by 130_R A good start would be to rename the high end brands section and consolidate the denim forums. Has there been any thought about condensing denim forums based on gender? This way the forums are not brand sensitive and can better follow the current tastes in denim. Also, what about a specific forum for non denim pants? Exactly what I was thinking I never gave a thought to condensing based on gender? Its an...
I dont mind the color ( its actually a nice blue), but the sandblasting looks out of place to me
Quote: Originally Posted by dennisoc Thank you very much my friend and sorry my ignorance... I´ve just bought my first Diesel jeans so I´m learning as much as I can from you. Anibody Knows this seller on ebay: diesel_jeans_1978? I ask a detailed picture of inner stamp (that one we can see the micro stitches) but he declined. s Dont worry about it man, we were all here at one time. Just read and learn as much as you can, and ask many...
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc I'm not a fan of the side slit pockets on slylow and revick, just isnt right in denim, IMO. The 72L wash is great if you can find a pair you like, but go for zatiny or thanaz instead of slylow How dare you speak of the pockets of the Revick in such a fashion... Seriously though it is something that you either love or hate. I personally love the design of the pockets
I want to change the layout of this place, and soon. Please offer opinions and let me know what works for you guys I want to replace the main page with only a few choice sections, and clean up the layout Chat : This will also include some basics from the welcoming center, as we will probably just get rid of it Sales and Coupons Mainstream Fashion : All current sections ( ie Diesel, True Religion ect) will all be grouped under this heading. You would still have access...
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