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Quote: Originally Posted by blindr gravitypope.com Late pass for me All the Wings and Horns is gone...Balzzz In the meantime I bought ( I know, I know, I have gone nuts with the jackets lately) Cant say enough good things about April77 jackets, unreal. And considering it was almost $700 retail and I paid $112 makes it even better Looks like hell on the model, but when worn fitted its nice. I like the details alot J.Lind knit. I normally...
I see your still very into the Diesel leathers, nice stuff. Especially the Black Gold design I have a Liroy jacket that I cherish, seriously I think its the best jacket ever done in leather by Diesel with all its details OT but I know your into knits as well, and I snagged a J Lindburgh knit ( a mix of linen and cotton) and was quite impressed. I usually hate their clothing, but its quite nice.
No hate intended guys, its in the forum rules ^^ The Honestmall is the right place for you to list your gear/links, you only post up deals ect that aren't yours in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym Yes! Been very into this line as of lately. Shall post some pics of pick ups. Please do And thanks for the pm regarding this line. I never paid much attention to it previously, but its seems to be very very functional. I just cant pull off most of Ys looks, so I never bothered to look into this
The fit is on point shoebox, but I wouldn't be afraid to venture out into more dangerous territory The entire fit/ensemble looks too "safe" for me, if thats the right way to describe it. Although it is well put together, it just looks out of place with your character for some reason, like a younger guy playing grown up. No hate, you always wear your clothing well, but I think you could be a bit more daring and pull it off. And when in doubt, throw on one of your...
So it seems that Yohji has started his own mainstream line. I had heard rumblings of this before it was released, but had not taken the time to go over and look at some of the pieces It’s a “super casual” line, aimed to capture a younger mainstream market that may not be purchasing the higher end/cost pieces. A lower entry price makes it possible for event he most frugal shopper to own a piece from a very respected designer. within the lastyear, John Galliano,...
Or the ghost of NAV
Awesome ^.. So glad that EP turned out to be a full record Love these guys, they are fantastic remixers as well. This Stones remix is one of the best remixes I have ever heard PERIOD. Give it a listen, it keeps all the old cues and adds some new funk without destroying the original feel
I dont have one, but you have good taste. I know you probably clicked on this post because you saw a new reply, only to go " that sonofabitch"....... I find their newer stuff far overpriced and too predictable, but some of their previous collections are on point, and that jacket is a great example
If anyone knows of smaller and unheard of clothing labels ( or local people trying to get their name out) drop me a pm and I will contact them for a writeup. Likewise if you know anyone at quality companies ( ie prefferably not mainstream) It will take a little bit before the new forum layout has been agreed upon by all ect, but in the meantime I want to expand our horizons. I will be posting up articles/interviews along with links to retailers that sell said labels If...
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