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Excellent suggestions, half of them are almost immediately doable
I have heard that CoN quality has always been an issue for their shoes and boots ( likewise with some of their pieces) for their prices
Hows the situation now? They are normally very quick, and they have a major sale going so it takes them a while to ship out internationally
Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben That stuff looks really nice! Cosigned
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ^ I thought you quit ! I did details can be found in the chat section Im in the midst of a re-working and talking with programmers to change this place up...
Quote: Originally Posted by KarnoDal In my case, I didn't think to check the forum rules regarding this particular thread. I did look at the initial post in the thread to see if there were any rules and read this:Just thought it might be a good idea if those who goes on ebay a lot and find some good deal that may want to share with others. Or even if any of us is selling on ebay and want to promote their listings. Might be a good idea to do something...
Quote: Originally Posted by andtheuniverse anyone quickly please? Whats the actual waist measurement when laid flat? It seems like when you Google Topman jeans, the tag size listed is the waist size. Just like on their website size guide here RAW INDIGO STRAIGHT JEANS - Straight Jeans - Mens Jeans - TOPMAN So you would be looking at a 28 or 29 roughly in Diesel, depending on how slim you want them to be. As a 28 waist would be approximately 30...
Quote: Originally Posted by frankfaster84 ^^ Hmmm, the sweater needs getting used to. Looks a little bit like the model crossed a swamp (up to the elbows). You know what I mean? It looks far better in person. I can see how oyu would either love it or hate it though I don't generally go for two tone in anything, but I am glad I took a chance on this one, it looks nice on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Do you have the black Liroy Cutup? I was totally beasting over the gray one - ended up going for the black, and am totally glad that I did. Still one of my faves - My only problem is that it runs slightly small. etgreg - I don't see any Luppys on Neiman Marcus, but maybe I'm just not searching right. I really want a Luppy in the tan/green color, because my Leleat is getting way too much milage. EDIT suprisingly I...
Quote: Originally Posted by _inwonderland CUTUP, if you want to view the w+h sneakers, you gotta go to the sale footwear section. Thanks man I was thinking more a tiger fleece or cardigan if the price was right, but almost everything has been picked through. Their boots are always a tempting thought though, unfortunately I don't have the bank for that right now
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