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Quote: Originally Posted by xrsmithsx First of all I was an IT major before wanting to do the whole medical thing. J know how it works. Secondly I don't live in dorms. Thirdly I didn't fraud anything. You should look into the final results of that. I also sold my 8gz on here for a good chunk of change. If you had a memory you'd recall me saying whatever I did out of spite for you. But please, show me justice. You do have a good imagination I'll give you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 ^ Yep Uh huh The same douche who defrauded a member out of sheer spite, your damn lucky the cops suggested they wouldn't look into you unless you were a repeat offender Say goodbye to your schooling once the headmaster finds out your using their computers to commit fraud You do realize that whether your a guest or if you use the comp in your dorm I still get the Rochester identifiers in the ISP's numbers, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Enuf Uh u chut up. You don't know what you're talking about. Just speaking my opinion and u telling me to be quite. Your not stating an opinion, your stating it as fact ( check out your thread title) We don't want nonsensical views to be taken seriously by new people who may not know any better when it comes to designer jeans And Cez was joking. Well not really, but he wasnt trying to do you any harm, so just take it...
Great, now who is going to bump up our threads Have a great time Aldo, let us know how everything was
Its a work in progress ^ I will be deleting loads if unnecessary posts, and adding loads of articles this weekend I also have an interview with a new designer as well as a possible partnership with a well known website for fashion articles ( in the works), will keep you all posted
Well its nice to know people beleive in you Shun the non beleiver, shunnnnn
Quote: Originally Posted by modestyouth CUTUP -- I admire your tenacity, but I feel like this is an uphill battle -- one you're almost certain to lose. There was an article I read a while back on CNN about how the once might myspace have plateaued and even been supplanted by facebook as the most popular social networking site. The main sticking point of the article was that history suggests once a website begins to significantly lose its audience, it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Hey I gotta give props for getting rid of the stupid link on the side to go to the blog! That took up 1/4 of the screen and most of us could careless about the blog! Slowly, but surely... Theres plenty more coming, stay tuned
Quote: Originally Posted by In_ur_dreamz Isnt the sizes with diesel funny, i mean when it says on the tag 32W means 33W ? just wondering if that is true or not thanks More like a 32 will be 34 inches The general rule of thumb is to add 2 inches to the listed waist size, as they sit lower on the hips
Quote: Originally Posted by kiwibob Hey all, hope its ok if I cut in because we need some more participation from the ladies, IMHO SO, today I ordered these Sam Edelman Zoe harness boot- If this shoe were a man, I'm marry him in a second THOUGHTS?? And then you would proceed to walk all over him.... Seriously though,badass shoes, I should direct my fiancee to this thread
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