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^ Diors always fit you well, and the nightfalls finally stretched out sufficiently I see Pisses me off actually, because many of the diors I quite like, but I dont suit the cuts at all. I have been really into KK attachment lately, absolutely love those jeans once they are stretched out. Love the darting and the overlocking ( especially on the j-shape jeans) Searching for some KK knits too
Nice to see you again Kayla, what a cute little monkey that kid of yours is Congrats on the marriage, me and MISSPOOKIE are doing that next year
Quote: Originally Posted by blackmetal buy my Thanaz 72L instead on ebay ending today Not cool man, dont do this again please ^
Please go here http://www.honestforum.com/diesel-je...perthread.html for any authentication questions
Zodiac that could be the best fit and combo I have ever seen you post here, very well put together. And one of the things I like the best is the stand out color of your boots against the black. Funny considering I would never have thought the boots would work with the black ensemble Hey Aldo, hows the trip?? ^
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ^ Hey Chris, no question that he's ripped. Its just weird posting only sleeveless tops. I'm sure he can look as good in a proper shirt or a tee. truth I am just teasing....
Quote: Originally Posted by Wonder Wow. small world.... Looking forward to getting them. I am glad they were altered because I really don't like bootcuts and I think the length will be about perfect. I think the wash looks pretty good and the holes not too symmetrical. I'll try to post some pics once I get them. Please do, I would be interested to see how they fit, as my legs grew far too large for them
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac Slimjim: are you wearing sleeveless top AGAIN ?? The dudes ripped, damn right he wears sleeveless shirts Your lucky hes too big to fit through the internet...
Well, its nice to see a pair I recently sold show up on the forum,I hope you will be happy when you receive them They are from 06, one of the first pairs sold here ( from Billibonesknows) when they had just been released and were sold out in many locations. The pics are crap as the contrast is far more intense then the lighting shows, I need a better camera And yes, they were altered by my tailor
First off I have to apologize, I had this interview with Mauro ages ago and have been putting off composing it because I have been so busy He was gracious enough to offer his time for a telephone interview, and he is also trying to contribute ideas for the direction of this forum, and for his efforts I am grateful Wolf vs Goat was conceived from 14 + years experience in the fashion world, learning tailoring in Italy, and the nicknames/pet names of his girlfriend ( goat)...
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