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Its working now ^
Quote: Originally Posted by tricky Why not creating a "Dark Side" or Restricted Area of HF? A special section with disclaimer that says that posting here is at own risk to be verbally taken down. Complete import of the JAWNZ community to get them more traffic and the community here a bit more spice. Members that don't want to be abused and slammed don't need to post in that section nor read it. Dunno if that would work, just thinking That very...
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh do you mean adding one subforum didnt revive the entire forum and bring 10,000 new users and 100,00 new posts? "very" surprising I can always count on you Josh for over-exaggerated biting commentary, its always entertaining though Anyone else care to offer an opinion on unbannings? I told everyone I would do what you all asked for, and if there is enough interest in certain people I would consider it
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh wings? really? lol Nice to see you too Josh...how are things? Quote: Had to neg that fit. Those multi seam jeans are terrible man. They'd be a bit better with those gone. Its a love hate thing with curved denim and darting seams. I should have had a better pic of the details, I absolutely love them, but its not for everyone
Lookin smooth tosay, nice to see you posting Love the outfit, but the tie would have looked better with a pair of fitted dress pants IMO Great fit none-the-less
Been a while, so I dropped by the younger brothers room and snapped some pics. KK Attachment banana shaped jeans in tarnished grey Number Nine Raw edge Tank J Lindeburg Military side zip boots
Quote: Originally Posted by Zourtsanos just do it anyways cost benefit analysis reveals that you're not risking much given this place is tantamount to a dead corpse QFT Some people were so douchy they dont deserve to be back IMO, others were trashed for not very good reasons Personally I believe many have moved on, but what does everyone think
Peter Bjorn and John - Object of my affection
8LP will stretch out huge, give it time. My Revicks were tight in the beggining and by the end of things I could have sized down one The denim feels rough and course, but it will soften up and give If all else fails, put them on, fill a spray bottle with hot water and spray the worst offending areas, then proceed to cleanup your room, walk around your house ie some type of activity that requires a lot of movement Trust me, if you can do them up and still walk, they will...
No worries man Click on your pic, click on the "edit button", then choose "rotate" and select the angle accordingly. Once your done click the save icon and then reload them on imageshack From what I can see though, you should have sized down. 796 stretches like a mofo, and these already look loose
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