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Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 They have both stepped down and are currently MIA, probably too busy looking for the perfect jar to hold Chris's nuts. It takes time to find a big enough jar..... dannysgirl, I will talk to the fiancee for you Casio, thanks sweetie, I knew I unbanned you for a reason
Quote: Originally Posted by mauro fischetti if you didn't delete ctrl+w then who did Other mods also have the ability to do that, not only me Besides, if that's what I wanted ( to silence you) why wouldn't I ban this user id your posting from?
I never deleted anything man...???
Thanks for the pms/emails people I know most of the people I am unbanning dont want to come here anyways, I am only leaving them the option to have their voices heard if they so desired. I would still be pissed if I got banned for bullshit and then was refused to have my final say before I was let go, I personally would have jumped at the chance to say my piece I am surprised anyone I unbanned posted at all, it was more of a symbolic thing to do and maybe to make this...
Quote: Originally Posted by lpalma121 Ayight it's on mofo Man oh man that was not the wisest move on your part
Quote: Originally Posted by Ctrl+W CUTUP's current collection is based on a previous level celebrity style aesthetic, a type of "Hollywood rockstar" feel if you will. A self proclaimed "bodybuilder," even some of the pieces are selected "pre-workout" and "post-workout." The theme of "eurotrash" will also be prevalent. Still cranky I see It was the vagina comment wasn't it....If you didn't act like a hurt pussy all the time I wouldn't have said...
Quote: Originally Posted by Veckatimest someone out the fucking mediator. That I wont do, that wouldn't be fair
Casiotech unbanned
Quote: Originally Posted by friskyL Avatar still cannot read/post anything on this site. He was never banned but his posting and viewing was taken away. He wanted me to inform you of this. Unfortunatly I cant do anything, thats a back end issue which I have no access too from my control panel Yet another "problem with the system" that just happened to occur when Avatar was displeased with Dave ACO was asking for it by the end ( but I do think he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep unban idalis please. also unban surfer MNep, but not emo MNep or republican MNep Thanks for the please ^ Again I am not trying to burn this place to the ground as I depart, there is not much left to burn down. The lies and the bullshit need to stop, and being banned just so you are silenced is not the right way to do it. Some people asked for it, others did not I mean cmon, I cant blame people for being...
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