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I just love these kind of threads and the everybodys furbabies. These are mine Oreo Tonka Barney Mr. Whiskers J.J. Taffy cat Sorry for all the pictures, we just have a lot of animals. But I love 'em all And I can so sympathize with Begret, it seems that all I do is clean
Can I ask ??? What is the name of this book?? I would love to be more flexible
Thanks, I think I know what you mean. The more I look at it the more odd it seems to me( the tag). Here are a few more pics, maybe these will be more telling. I still am on the fence about their authenticity.... Appreciate any help, opinions!!
I first thought that it looked ok...but now I'm not quite so sure. Any opinions??? TIA
Just had to post. Everyone has such cute pets... Gotta love us pet lovers!! Tonka Oreo/IMG] This is Tonka (pug), Oreo (blue merle Border Collie) and Barney(black and white Border Collie).
That's awesome!!! I got them for a BIN of $89.00 Thanks for your help.
Yay!! The auction said that are big T. Do these look like big T? I really can't tell from the pictures...not close up enough.
I'm hoping that someone here may be able to tell from these two pictures if these are authentic. I'm really wanting a pair of Billy's. I just purchased a pair from HM and they are just a "widdle" to tight....So I'm hoping these are real and that they'll fit Thanks for your help everyone
lol..okay Thanks!
Do they run really big, or just stretch out a lot after wear?
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