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They both fit the same around the thigh,and waist. The difference is the hem width (Hence the name Larkee-T (Larkee Tapered). Larkee-T has the tightest hem's I've tried on.
Fallen Hero is my local store. It is literally 10 minutes from my home I get 10% discount on everything!
That was my first impression of 74Y, that they look abit like 8YM. I'm going to be buying Larkee 74Y asap, any ideas on the price of that wash as yet?
I'm wearing Larkee 882W today.   I'll try to get some pic's up later!   Those 8NE's are amazing! I need some NOW! Haha!
Haha! Thats twice i've repeated what you've said   Sorry, I didn't see your post
They look like Thavar 8W7_Stretch to me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I'll do my best to remember as many as I can.   Busky 71I Chinew 89J Heeven 8UJ Korrik 74G Krooley 881R Adi-Larkee 8B2 Larkee 73P For sale Larkee 74G Larkee 8YM Larkee 880F Larkee 880R Larkee 8B9 Larkee 8C0 Larkee 8MD Larkee 8SZ Larkee 8J4 Larkee-Zip 8J4 Koffha 796 Koffha 8BK Koffha 8II Pheyo 8SV Pheyo 8ST Tyel 772 Viker 71J Viker 8MZ Viker-R-Box 8AT - For sale Zaf 796 Zaghor 8AT Zathan 8AT Zatiny 8TL Zatiny...
Yes, I've seen a coin pocket like that before. For example Safado 8VE have it. But you can't base there authenticity on that.
I'm loving 880R. They had been at the top of my wish list since there release, and I finally got Larkee 880R yesterday!   They are one of the most comfortable washes i've worn.
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