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I have no idea what kind of starch it was, whatever I had laying around my house at the time I'm sure any brand will work!
It looks bad ass dude! Nice work!
Awesome combo... What Darron wash is that???  
DUDE! You were in Ann Arbor!? That's my neck of the woods... it would've been cool to meet up and go shopping lol  
I patch every single hint of distressing with patches that I buy from Joann fabrics... They aren't denim and they aren't nylon... they are the same exact material that diesel uses to patch them (or used to lol) It's funny the jeans become more expensive and they stopped doing that for us. Anyone who owns a pair of 71j or 73j knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, it shouldn't affect the look of the creasing and whiskering as it only takes about 30 seconds of pressure with...
Always do original hem... If you ever sell them, they will lose ALL value without original hem. People will still buy used diesel jeans with a good original hem intact. I don't know if you've ever had a pair of jeans hemmed w/o original hem, they look terrible.
Best representation of this wash I've seen thus far.... I tried it on at Diesel Chicago and I wasn't a fan, those look great! You shouldn't have gotten them hemmed... they are stacking perfectly in these pics... this is definitely the best tepphar fit I've ever seen.   Those shoes are SICK! What are they and where can I get them?    
Karacho.... I don't know where you came from but you are blowing me away with these fits man! Every cut and wash you own fits you PERFECT. Do you wear different sizes depending on the cut or are you just lucky enough to look amazing in everything?   Jeanetic... The Diors are gorgeous man! I really want to try a pair now!   Relentless... Where are the fit pics from your Iakop 881z!? I need to see those!
Dude! This was an awesome view/read and we all appreciate your hard work and the effort you put into keeping us active and in touch with each other!    Cheers Brother!
First outfit was terrible even though I do love that diesel leather jacket.... Second look was great and I agree, he definitely pulled off the Krooley.
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