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Jacket is sold
Hi,   Did you went with your regular size or did you sized up/down for Sleenketr 827K ?   I have sleenker 886z and I had to size up (W33L32), I always wear shioner/thavar/thanaz in W32L32...   Thanks for helping
Finally Found it !!!   Jacket is very nice, details are incredible, I love it !!!   The only point that makes me wonder if I will keep it or sell it is the white color... I do not wear this color very much especially for a jacket... This is a personal taste... But Lumi Jacket defenitely worth it !!!   Maybe I will change my mind for a Black color ^^           Here are some pics
Hi mates, To sell this beautiful and very hard to find DIESEL Lumi jacket in White, size is M. This leather jacket is brand new with tags. 100% sheep Leather. Do not hesitate to contact me for more questions. Cheers
Thanks :)   I went to Paris Diesel Store and tried on some FW14 jeans and the only one that really caught my eye was Thavar 608T (and Sleenker 833L) otherwise nothing very much interesting ( I did not hav seen Thavar 834F).   My Thavar 608T is from Giamatshop too ;)
I'm wearing Thavar 608T Chrom-Hi Zip boots,  love that wash, this is the best one for FW14 IMO.   
I found that collector Jeans from 2011 ! IAKOP 881Z :)   Very nice pair, details are nicely done... I went to Diesel store in Paris wearing them and when I compared this wash with Belter 828T, Thavar 829B or Thavar 833Z I think that Diesel is missing something with BLUE EYECONS new washes and online pics too... Style and quality details is not that good as it was. Thavar 608T and maybe Sleenker 833L excepted nothing is very impressioning... I bit disapointed... (Sorry...
Definitely 881W, 887V and 8W3
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