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Definitely 881W, 887V and 8W3
Well thanks for the advice ;)   I will check till I find them, not easy !
Hi,   I already saw them, but I'm afraid L will be too large ( I'm 1.75m) that is why I wanted them in M but thanks ;) 
If someone has it, an advice about sizing is always welcome (stick to my size, better size up or down).   Many thanks
Yes I know, But I have to try :)   I only find black leather but I have a plenty of them... I'm only interested by the white one. Hoping that someone is wiling to sell it maybe.   Thanks for your reply :)
Hi everyone,   I am looking for a Diesel Lumi leather jacket in white (size M). Does someone know where I can find it ?   If someone is willing to sell one I will check it.   Cheers
Thavar 888P Krooley 8NJ Safado 8YM
Item is sold
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