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Im looking for buying  Thanaz 73j, 8sv, 8my, 73v  all SIZE W31. I prefer BNWT but used is welcome. Im from Spain, I say this to calculate shipping costs. Thanks a lot everybody.
Have yet?  
Do you have Thanaz 73j to sell? Thanks
i dont understand, the first is w29 or w32? the second is w30 or w33? Thanks
Thank you, if I buy 8pi w31 I´ll be in the same condition as now with 8b9 w32, isn´t it?
I am thinking about buy this one, I have Thanaz 8b9 size w32 but now I need w31 of 8b9. Do you think I have to buy 8pi w31? or w30? I say this because people says that 8pi looser than 8b9... have 8pi fades like 8b9? or is plain colour? Thanks a lot
Im looking for Thanaz 73v, Thanaz 8sv, Thanaz 73j, Thanaz 8my... SIZE W31. If have, send me message please. Thanks a lot
How much this one w31 to Spain? Thanks
How much with shipmen to Spain? Thanks
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