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Thanks friend, But if size down I could not fit the waist, isnt it?
Hi guys, I will buy one pair of Thavar 8ne jeans but I am confussed with the size,  at many websites people says that they are bigger than normal, in others says that smaller.. I have Diesel Thanaz 8b9 and Thanaz 8my , both w31, fits perfect to me IMO, yesterday I try Thanaz 73n w30 and fit me too, but the wash didint like at all. And 1 year ago I try Thavar 8w7 w31 and they fit me too, but smaller than Thanaz. This is what make me doubt about difference between...
Ok friends, Im waiting for a buyer that offer me 2 days ago 170$ but he hasnt payed yet, if he doesnt pay in 2 days I will tell you. Thanks a lot!
Hi, Im thinking about selling Thanaz 880f, but I have Thanaz 8b9 and I dont want two jeans with the same colour.. I want a pair of jeans darker than 8b9 Are they similar colour? I think 880f is darker but, the difference is clear? Anybody can help me please? Thanks a lot guys!!  
How much would be the 8ne?
Im lloking for Diesel Thavar 8ne w31, dont worry the length, I live in Spain, if you have please reply or send me PM giving price. Thanks  lot!!!
Now 190$!!!!
200$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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