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Hi guys, could anybody help me? Which thavar are these?[IMG]
Thanks everybody! I dont know what to do!
Thanks Mattias! You can find it in ebay, i ve seen a lot of them. Do you own Thavar 8880m? Aren't they amazing when you have them on your hands?
Thanks Ensdenim and Aahz! Aahz, i own thanaz 8b9, Thavar 8ne, Thanaz 8my and Thavar 882g. I think 8880m could be similar than 8my and 74k could be similar than 882g... More or less... which do you think would be more different at the rest of my jeans? Thanx again and sorry for my poor english
Hi friends, im thinking about buying Thanaz 74k or Thavar 8880m, not both, too much for me. I can buy each one at same price, they are totally different i know, but which would you recomend me? Thavar is more for summer and thanaz for winter, but i think thanaz 74k in summer could be cool too Are the thanaz too manufactured? I mean, are they too striking? The blue, green and white spots are too big? Thanks a lot everybody, this forum is the best
Thanks RYAN074! Would you recomend me buy them? I havnt see the 8880m in person, are similar or best than in the pics?
Hi guys! Maybe anyone could help me, I have the chance to buy Diesel Thavar 8880m at a good price, but I own Diesel Thanaz 8my and I think they could be similar... Would you buy? Thans a lot everybody!!
Thanks to all! Sorry for my later, I ve been disconnected very log time!
You´re very prudent!! jajaja, Ok, I decide One thing, 880g are very shiny? I like the cut and colour but I don´t like shiny jeans, but seing images Im in doubt, looks like shiny but not at all, I´ve seen a good offer for 880g and Im thinking about buying. Thanks!
Thanks for your help Julian, So you recomend me buy w31, cause at first is tight (like almost w30) but then strecht out (coming back in w31, my size) Isn´t it??
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