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Thanks a lot Aramis!
Thats what im looking to buy, which version do you think is it?
I should buy my normal size w31 in 74k?
Thanks mates! I thinking about buying Thanaz 74k , they are my style, but im scared with the white spots, they could be too much for me, i havent seen 74k in person...
Sorry i post 2 times!
Hi guys! These are my firsts pics in the blog, i hope you like them! Thavar 8ne Thanaz 8my Thavar 882g Thanaz 8b9 Thanaz 8b9 is w32 (before i needed this size) and the others are w31
I normally use w31 in thanaz and thavar, you would buy w30 or w29?
Thanks a lot russian friend!😜
Thanks Aramis! Do you think the pics do justice? I mean, the jeans will be in real like in pics? In these pics I like them, but I ve seen another pics not so much.. Sorry my spanglish... Thanks!
Another picture
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