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Hi, anybody knows which thavar is this please? Thanks everyone
Thanks aramis and zgdiesel youve been very helpfull
Yes yes, they are available, i mean its dificult to choose the size without trying them, the sizes change in the diferent washes, i think my actual size is nearer w30 than w31 but everybody say 74k are very skinny, thats what make me doubt Sorry for my english everyone😊
Thanks audit30 and aramis, its just im betwen w30 and w31, for example, in thavar 888p i have w31, imposible w30, in thavar 886b absolutely w30, thavar 8ne w31 but actually stretch out and im thinking about buying w30 Here in my city is very dificult to find nice washes of Diesel and i have to buy online, and its not easy
Thanks a lot Denim Collector! I have skinny legs, but im not sure, i have pairs w31 that finally stretch out and i dont like, and the fit of the 886b w30 is perfect, maybe 74k skinnier than 886b?
Amazing 74k! Im thinking buy them, usually i use w31 but ive received Thavar 886b w30 and fit perfectly to me imo Would i go with w30 or w31 with 74k? Here 74k are not in stores, i have to buy online, so if somebody could help me ill be really thankfull
Could anybody tell me which thavar is this please? Thanks in advance
Hi, could anybody tell me which wash of thavar is this please?
W29 sold
W27 sold
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