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still accepting offers, just PM me guys!
Hey,   I'm selling a wonderful pair of Thanaz 008SV, one of the most wanted diesel jeans. I bought them at a little private jeansstore in germany, which sold it with a changed zipper (YKK).    - perfect condition - 100 % authentic   PM me if you got questions!
yeah i would agree. :) hope that they're not fading as much as dry jeans. :/    I'm really excited to get 'dem thanaz 73N ! 
the patchesr reminds me on Dsquared Jeans.. :O legit!
Nudie Thin Finn Dry Stretch, i think. :)
i think u can get them at yoox.com, because of the pictures. :-) maybe u're lucky and they aren't sold out. ;-)  unfortunately i don't know the name of the wash, sorry!
HEY GUYS! Is somebody interested in a pair of Diesel THANAZ 008C3 30/34?  Perfect condition. I have worn them one time and washed them once.   By the way: I'm from germany. Bought it at kissafrog.de (a german online shop) for 159,99 €. Maybe someone can offer me another pair of Diesels.. but please only slim fit. ;-) Thavar, Thanaz, Shioner, Tepphar and MAYBE krooley, poiak. Who wants to have some pictures please contact me. PM ME,...
Hey Guys!   I'm looking for a pair of Diesel Thanaz 29 x 32 , 29 x 34   73j, 8sv, 8my or just make an offer   maybe there is anybody who wants to change a pair of Thanaz with me because i ordered the wrong size. I got a Thanaz 008C3 W30xL34 which doesnt fits perfectly. I would like to change with someone who has got a W29!   BTW: Thavar is okay too   8NE, 8W7, 8X2   PM me, dudes ;-)
hey!   i got a nudie thin finn 30x34   and two pairs of thanaz (8b9, 8c3) in the same size lyk my nudie :)   usually i have to wear 29.. (diesel) the nudie fits perfectly.. i even don't need a belt or something like that ;D   i think u should size up 1 size if u are going to buy those nudies..     the legs of nudie fits a little bit tighter compared to thanaz IMO.. but it's just a small different. u can't even see the different :D
how much did u pay for those jeans?
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