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Those are very pretty jeans.
Those are bad fakes. The wash is horrible and inner tag is wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by kissmequick We're home =) It was nice seeing everyone!!! Here is what Stanley and I picked up minus our last visit to the sale before our departure. Wow..That's a lot of jeans. How did you explain that to customs? LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict ^I just read that thread and I think that is part of the demise of this forum. You can't vent without someone jumping down your throat. It is very intimidating to post anything on here anymore because you get flamed for the smallest things. I'll just stick to the R&R section where I'm comfortable. Sorry you had to go through that...and sorry to go OT. evelyn and callire, please don't tell me that ebay is...
I HATE EBAY TOO!! I just got my first negative from a dumb newb buyer!!She had the nerve to neg me because shipping took too long???Excuse me???8 days including weekends from Canada to US is long???I've waited for 2 - 3 weeks for some of my packages. Sellers should at least get to neutral dumb ass buyers!!Argg...I think I'm done selling there!!
Quote: Originally Posted by azia sometimes you just have to force yourself to use it and then suddenly you're wondering why you haven't used it more before! That's a good idea. I'm in the same situation with my kooba nina. It's so pretty but it just sits in my closet. I can't bare to sell it and I don't want to use it. Its a pretty bag but it's not a everyday bag. The lamb bag is cute but if you don't use it then you should just selling...
I agree with lilcram!!No jeans. You get the best deals here. I'll have a hard time choosing between the LV or the iphone!Tough one.
Real. She's a great seller too.
Very fake.
Are you only wearing them in the house? If yes, then you should return them. There too expensive for house shoes. The black boot version is cute on guys and only the black ones. The other colors look weird on guys IMO. I love my uggs....hehe.
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