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Both for 150.00, great deal ,I will get paid at end of the month if you still have them, I will buy.
I like these type of back pockets but, cannot find any info on here- anyone on here ever had these and can describe this wash ? Also, denim thickness ?Thanks in advance
Hey guy, I still never got rid of a few of my Zafs, how do you suppose I would tailor them to look similar to Zathan ?   Also, if you size down on zaf, will they look closer to Zathan in your opinion ?   Thanks in advance
This Backler T13 just might me the best wash (and pair) ever made, love them!
All nice IMO-I still have just about all of those also,except 8sz, and around here, these "old" washes are showing up again from what I have seen ,I assume due to the fact that current zathan washes are pretty boring....anyway, that's why I am wearing them.
wanted: Shazor 71b 30 x 34 or 31 x 34 or another shazor wash just as nice and fits the sams as 71b
no big thing brah.   peace
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