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the 88E Brown Winkles and 887V looks awesome :)
lokks a little bit energie style.  
in the larkee version they look not bad but not good as i hope. the 886b looks better
I have bought in Vienna :D The 74y is only in larkee in the shop :(
Of course, but I can not say exactly when, because I now have a valuable test and I have to work night shift at the rescue. greetings
I have bought the thavar 886b :)
the wash is not my thing :/
Yes maybe on the first Nov. then they have maybe the shioner. I hate larkee.  
yeah the vienna store (mariahilfer) have the ss12 collection yet :D   I have seen the 74y but only in larkee :( You have not yet unpacked 50 boxes with ss12. Maybe they have in Shioner: D The wash looks awesome !! But 240 €   And the Thavar 886b looks great too! Also 240€ But on my wish list :D
Thanks!!! :)
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