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thx for your help guys I ordered M :)
Hey   I have a question:   I have Tees in M. I will buy some things from all saints. Is the size like Diesel? Should i size down or is the size like other brands like Diesel?   Greetings :)
today i tried the viker r box 801N. I dont like the fit :/   I tried also the iakop 0801B and i love these wash most !!! Better then the others :D But I think the iakop fits smaller at the waist than the last year :-/
  in austria it costs 250€ ~300$
oh Thank you :)   I like the Thanaz :) Did you see the 74Y Jogg Jeans?   greetings
puh i dont remember on  an old fanker cut :(   I must try the new fanker i think the wash compares good with that cut :)   Greetings
i dont know i like the wash :)   on my list now:   74Y Jogg Jeans VIker R box 801n and the 801b wash   Maybe in new Fanker?? I dont know :)
    Yes i thin the left :) The store manager had the jogg jeans also:) And the look great :)   The denim is a new development. He is a little thicker but just as soft :) Thus it is easy to work better and produce more elaborate ablutions   greetings
the jogg jeans that I saw was a 74Y wash :) The store becomes 3-4 washes in few weeks as jogg jeans :)
im from austria :D The 74Y jOgg is available at the Mariahilfer Store :)
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