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@pipi10king   please post a pic :)
I will buy one Because i need a 30" waist. Its really a good alternative of slim cuts. looks good on you thx
Thx dude I will buy the koolter 8x2 are you satisfied?   greez
Look the Krooley 8x1 good or not???
What would you buy it the krooley 8nj or the Koolter 8x2 I think the 8x2 looks better
is the 8nj cooler than the 8x2
is the koolter 8x2 also cool as the thavar?  
the iakop 8pg looks good. But i will buy a thavar 8x2 :)
hejj danke dir:)   mfg
Hallo   Hat der Diesel Store auf der mariahilfer oder am kohlmarkt schon die thavar 8w6 oder die thavar 8ne?   mfg
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