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omg thank you :)))   They look awesome :)
@Hawk   Please can you make full pic from this jeans :)) Its possible to see a "full" fit pic? :)   Thx
cool:) Which Diesel store have them? :))
TJ21   Please can you post ALL Details from your Outfit? It looks so great :))
@118i   Ganz ehrlich? Mich hat nur die 68z beeindruckt.... Die 888P gabs nur in Braddom, und der Schnitt steht mir garnicht -.-   Sonst alles eher mager, sowol Jeans als auch Jacken etc....
I bought the tepphar 68z in Parndorf :D
@Weenie   They look AWESOME!   Please make Fit pics when arrived :)
i saw the 888n in shioner :)
Yes please in Darron :D
hello :)   I search a keychain but where i can buy them?   Here a pic :)
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