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882b is a pretty old wash, your probably not going to find them unless you look on sites such as Ebay. Saying that I think Ebay is a great place to get Diesel Jeans, as long as you are sure they are authentic. A huge giveaway if they're not is the price. If they seem too cheap - there is a reason why!    www.mandmdirect.co.uk do Diesel Outlet as do ASOS.COM every now and then. I know ASOS deliver worldwide which might help too. However, you're unlikely to find ASOS...
Diesel Bicester have them. I ordered them for one of my customers the other day. Not sure what washes they have, but you could give them a call. The number is on the bicester village website.
Sorry I just realised you are a size 28. Im in on thursday so I can reserve them for you if you want them? And then if you could call us to sort it out?   Diesel Bicester: 01869 322072 Call on Thursday past 12pm, ask for Connie and I'll sort out postage and payment. 
I have these at my Diesel store!!!!! Where are you from? I can reserve a pair for you if you tell me what size you are. You probably cant find them because they are fashion pants not jeans, so they don't have a name, plus they are over a year old. They are discontinued so let me know ASAP we don't have that many left.        Connie (Diesel Bicester)
erm do you realise that the argument is over a guy posting an item for sale? Idiot. Leave the thread if you have nothing useful to say, are you one of those people that wastes the life they dont have on the internet starting arguments? Idiot. 
Good work. Thats what I thought, bootcut, draws attention away from the thigh:calf ratio... so balances better.   peace. 
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BNWT-DIESEL-ZAF-85Z-JEANS-31X34-RARE-100-AUTHENTIC-/380256453929?pt=Men_s_Clothes&hash=item58890d0529#ht_1868wt_907     Found these
A guy with a 40" waist came into my store today and asked for Darron. They didn't look bad but I thought Zathan balanced him out alot better.   Is there anything in particular you find flatters a bigger waist size?
You got it in one. Just a double button and slightly higher rise. But I think the buttons make them different, I prefer them, I think that sort of detail is what makes Diesel Jeans look expensive. Viker R Box 8SS is my favourite wash for them.  Agreed on 71j, looks great.   
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