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Correct, jack Purcell converse
Waiting to get in post, double monks ...  
sorry for the bad pictures, bought my first pair of sleenker in 843Q, two  size up from my regular thavar, thanaz or tepphar, really comfortable and dope wash, i wasn't keen on getting front & back in different colors but when i saw it i couldn't resist the $330 tag! worth it ...  
There are so many interesting washes in dsq denim but i always struggle to find proper guide on fit and sizing, can someone please guide in comparison with Diesel cut and size.   Dsquared 2 cut = Diesel cut   Clement = ? Cool Guy = Slim = Sexy Twist = Kenny Twist = Tidy Biker =   Dsquared 2 size = Diesel size   40 =? 42 = 44 = 46 = 48 =   Thanks so much.
Hi James, yes thats me :) thanks so much, I am waiting to receive the parcel and your message on 811p. Thanks 
I purchased Shioner 880w for 136 GBP and Thavar 8x2 for 132 GBP, both with 20% discount, paid 291.98 GBP including shipping to Dubai,, please check if anything can be done. Thanks
Hey Stylecentre, just bought two pairs from you only two days ago with 20% discount (direct sale), do i qualify for another 10% credit ?   if so, please reserve a pair of thavar 811p for me in size W30  L30.cheers
sweeeet !!
What do you guys think? i wear thanaz, thavar, shioner    for more pics http://www.ferragamo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategories_31150_35551#/product/27661_sale/6148914691233389184/508059    
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