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Hi James, yes thats me :) thanks so much, I am waiting to receive the parcel and your message on 811p. Thanks 
I purchased Shioner 880w for 136 GBP and Thavar 8x2 for 132 GBP, both with 20% discount, paid 291.98 GBP including shipping to Dubai,, please check if anything can be done. Thanks
Hey Stylecentre, just bought two pairs from you only two days ago with 20% discount (direct sale), do i qualify for another 10% credit ?   if so, please reserve a pair of thavar 811p for me in size W30  L30.cheers
sweeeet !!
What do you guys think? i wear thanaz, thavar, shioner    for more pics http://www.ferragamo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategories_31150_35551#/product/27661_sale/6148914691233389184/508059    
actually i am thinking to return zara shoes and get this:   http://www.ferragamo.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategories_31150_35551#/product/27661_sale/6148914691233389184/508059     what do you think?
Thanks, I bought coz i like them but now i am kindov double minded :)
Thanaz 74k    
Posting after long on this forum :)   1. Ferragamo mocassin in patent cobalt, absolutely love them !! dark blue more like black with a hint of blue in dark and very nice blue shade in sunlight/camera flash, wore them 4times this week alone (1st week). 2. Zara shoes (shall i keep or return them???) 3. Thavar 8B9 4. Zara sport jacket              
Bought today, cant wait to get them...  
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