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I wish I could give you a verification process or a way to know for sure. I think the statement above is as good as it gets.  "as long as he has a good record, i'd say you're safe".
I was stuck in Poland about 8 years ago. I Was going to be there for about three more months and I didn't have ant jeans. I was making the club scene with dockers. Not Cool!!! to guys in town had been to the US and had shopped at a famous outlet shopping mall somewhere just outside of NYC. They had brought back suite cases full of designer jeans. The pair I bought for Poland prices was 250.00  
I need help!   I'm a tall dude and I have trouble finding jeans that are the right length. I usually head to the Buckle and pick up the BMX I think. But they're thin and after a few washes, they're like paper. Anyone know of some cool jeans that come in long sizes? 36 inseam at least.
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