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No, if I want full price, I'll head directly to the retailer. I usually head online to find the best deals out there. As far as luxury bags, I always get mine online. I head to the store to see it in person and decide if I want it and then head for the savings online. I found a huge selection of Louis Vuitton handbags on Twenga.
Did they ever leave? I still see girls rock that style everyday.
 Tuck out mainly for me, but it really depends on the type of shirt and the overall look you're going for.
I always do my hight tops for cold weather. I never wear them any other time.
Cool. This might be a cool way for me to add to my collection.
I think the trick is always going to be knowing whether you've got a supplier you can trust. Places like Twenga are probably a better bet, because they don't have a direct stake in any sale: they just show you who's offering things, and at what prices.   http://www.twenga.com/dir-Fashion,Footwear,Sneakers-588
There's an awful lot of stuff you should never get through ebay.  I have a friend who once showed me a lot under the category "weird stuff" that was purporting to be selling a mermaid corpse.  The writeup was even done as though this was a real mermaid corpse, although the thing looked like the top half a latex Independence Day alien stuck to the back half of a plastic barracuda.  And the company is more interested in getting their share from the auction than in making...
You're probably going to roll your eyes at this, but have you tried moth balls? You might also look at using a bug fog to try killing all the insects in the place.  I don't know how well that'll work at getting into obscure nooks and crannies, but it's worth a shot. Just make sure that you put sheets over your bed and furniture and wash your clothes afterward, because the poisons those things use are truly nasty.
Well, that's going to depend on both the hike and the shoes.  For a tough hike, I'd probably want some good hiking boots (no, they aren't cheap).  For a more "normal" level of hiking difficulty, sports shoes should be fine.  On an easy hiking trip, they'll actually be a much better choice than the boots would be. What are you considering a tough hike?  I mean, what's the terrain going to be like?
I agree,...Tuck out
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