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Hey can I get the waist measurements taken laid flat without and with dip?   Thanks!
Quick update. So I tried and purchased a pair in my usual stretch diesel size 29w. These fit substantially looser around the waist / thigh area for those that are interested.
I agree that the tepphar legs are substantially tighter than thanaz / thavar. I did try a size 30 for the 8y0 and the legs did fit a tad looser than 29s. I'm just worried that the waist will stretch disproportionately after some wear. I think I will hold on to a tepphar purchase till I loose some leg fat lol
ok, so maybe I was on something when I tried tepphar 8y0 the first time, purchased my thanaz size (29x32) and are these friggin things tight from the knees done. I think I will have to size up 1 for all tepphar. Just a point of reference for those that are interested.
It fits slightly tighter than thanaz at the waist/thigh area, not so much that it is uncomfortable. The leg / leg opening area is about an inch smaller than thanaz.   This is all in the same stretch size. hope this helps.   [edit] Also, the tepphar sits slightly higher than the thanaz   If someone can chime in on the 8W3 wash...
Does anyone have these? Was wondering the sizing since its 80% cotton 20% elasterell (stretchy polyester).   Should I size up, down, regular?   TIA
thanks, it seems that my PS APC has stretched about 0.5 at the waist/thigh area. If it does indeed stretch by 2" I might just have to live with it.
been checking diligently, none so far.   [edit] want these really bad, why don't we have it in the states?!?!?!
thanks for the info.   Anyone know how to acquire these state side?
did you get them in your stretch or non-stretch thanaz size?
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