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tepphar  881w and shioner 880w photo on where ? thx
wow..... looks great , thavar 880m good, Krooley 880w also good ,  I like dark blue ....^^
looks very nice
haha..... buy from Taiwan Diesel stores = buy from online store x 2 , because very very expensive ^^     
good wash, I like too
looking for Thanaz 8WW W26/30 , 73J W26 L30, THANAZ 8SV W26 L30......
from your liest I have DARRON 8J1 THAVAR 8X2 THAVAR 8NE   these are good wash ..... if DARRON 8J1 have W26 good for me , I collect W27 L30 ^^
THANAZ 8L4 W26 L30 8V9 W27 L30 74K W27 L30 8B9 W26 L30   THAVAR 8X2 W26 L30 8NE W26 L30   DARRON 8J1 W27 L30 73N W27 L30 8C0 W26 L32 8B9 W27 L30   POIAK 8D5 W26 L32   KROOLEY 8N1 W27 L30 8NJ W27 L30   VIKER 8K2 W26 L30   TEPPHAR 8W3 W26 L30
我有買這件唷~~ 蠻推薦的 ^^
lol.....haha I think .... this season not only 3pairs ...... diesel as like poison ^^
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